Sneha Flare Tunic

Pattern test/review of Sneha Tunic and Dress by Wardrobe by Me (the pattern is on sale for a week at $7)

When this test came up, I was already in the midst of a few other tests wrapping up.  I just couldn’t NOT throw my hat in the ring, though.  I love this top, and it is just what I was going to draft for myself.

I also love not having to draft it myself.

The fit on this is a fitted top where it starts to flare out just under the bust. The first version I made was closer to my measurements of a 12 top and 8 bottom.  It was a little roomy, but still looks nice in this poly knit.


This is the asymmetrical hem with v-neck and 3/4 sleeves.

20160207_5434 20160207_5424

The next version I made it smaller on top, so a size 10 top graded to a size 8 bottom portion.  It is the cap sleeve, v-neck and short length.  It doesn’t quite cover the butt at this length on my 5’7″ self.  No pictures yet.  I will get them. Eventually.

Edit: Hey look!  Here it is finally!


This last version is 3/4 sleeves with a dress length hem, 10 top with 8 bottom and low curved neckline.  This fabric had less stretch.  I think I could have gone with a size 12 top on this, as you can see it has some stretch lines.


I added 1″ to the bodice, since I finally saw the note to add length if you were over 5′ 6″ (I am 5′ 7″).  I think for a dress length, you would need to add more  length.  This would be too short for me.


It has some wrinkles in the back, but I think it depends on your fabric whether you get them or not.  If I had sized up to a 12 top, I have a feeling these lines would not have been there.  Christina noted the wrinkles on a few of the testers, but I am not sure whether she took some length out of the back or not.  This didn’t happen on the other two of mine, so it may be fabric specific.


The fabric for this top is one I designed to make into a tunic.  I used two yards of Modern Jersey.  There was enough left on the sides to do the arms.  It looks green in some lights and grayish green in others.  It’s a chameleon.


So…go buy the pattern.  I really like this one, personally, and I know I will be making more!

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