Some pink and leather

The newest trend in fashion seems to be putting leather on just about everything.

I like.

I have bought some leather pieces, and one of them is this Perfection Fused Leather.  You buy it by the yard, and not by the hide, so it is obviously some sort of man-made creation.  It is thin like a pleather apparel fabric would be, but feels like leather on the surface.  It is backed by a soft stretch fabric.  There isn’t a ton of stretch to this fabric, but enough so you can move easily in it.  It also sews up pretty well, and at $15/yard it is much more palatable to buy than a real leather hide and has more cutting surface.

I wanted to use the “leather” as more accents and not make up a whole leather jacket, skirt, pants, etc.  That is a bit much, as I am not a vampire hunter.

This first item is a cardigan with leather sleeves and a loose sweater knit.  I used a long sleeve shirt pattern I had, making the arms a bit wider.  I added sweater cuffs to the leather sleeves, and put bands on all the edges to keep the raveling at bay.

FYI – It is really hard to photograph black in the depths of winter inside.


This second item is my normal skirt pattern cut up like so:


This is made out of the “leather” and ponte fino double knit.  I ordered some ponte de roma, and it was too thin and not all that great.   I ponied up the extra money for this knit, and it is just lovely.  It’s a thick knit with good amount of stretch to it.  Unfortunately, it stretched a bit too much when serging the two fabrics together, so I had to iron out some puckers.  Ironing can heal so many little mishaps!


I put in an invisible side zip, as I knew the leather didn’t have enough stretch to pull it up over my hips.


To finish out the outfit, I made a top using this satiny pink and black rayon.  This week on Project Sewn, you are supposed to sew up something pink.  As I have been sewing pink for my daughter for years, this is not such a new and exciting thing for me.  At least I didn’t have to dig deep to find some pink.  I was trying real hard to figure out some new style to make for this shirt.  This is what I came up with:


Fairly boring tank top, but I added some flounces with rolled edges at the neckline.

Once the ICE AGE we are in departs some time around July, I am guessing, I can wear these shoes with those last two pieces:


Until then…boots and tights…

4 thoughts on “Some pink and leather”

  1. The tank top is very fun… I never think of cool things like that to add on… I’m getting there! 🙂 Great job with the leather as well. I have a little brown leather looking at me from the closet when I open it up, but I haven’t tried it out yet!

  2. :-O Hey!! I found this link from the Project Sewn challenge but I recognized your pic from the Mimi G Facebook group! So happy to find one of my sew sisters on the web!

    You look so beautiful in your pictures!

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