Here is the outfit that I posted over on for their wearable Steampunk challenge.  I thought I had already put it up over here, but guess not!

I ended up using some pieces that I had previously made this year, along with some new multi-purpose pieces.

The first piece in her outfit is a skirt I made in the fall.  Bustled skirts really do seem to fit the Steampunk theme.  I will write up a tutorial on how to make this type of skirt.   Adding it to the long, long list that I don’t have time for right now.


Next piece is the leather corset, which is also part of her Ciri cosplay.  Corsets show up quite a bit in the steampunk pictures I looked at online.   I made a tutorial on how to make this, as well, which is here on my blog.


Underneath, there is a plain raglan sleeved peasant blouse in cream knit (which you can’t see, but was needed!).  I had made it a few years ago to go with her gypsy outfit for the Renaissance Faire.  It matched and still fit, so there you go.  It was an Ottobre pattern.

Now onto a piece I made specifically for this challenge, which is the steampunk jacket.  I drafted this jacket, and the first version was a bit too tight on her.  I needed to add some room to the princess seams and the armsyce.

20160403_6168I took pattern pieces I had drafted for a fitted top, and then added width to them, along with a larger opening for the arms.  The arm pattern was slashed and spread at the top for the fun puffed sleeve.  I drafted a collar and then the front had some snaps with leather to finish it off.

20160403_6201 20160403_6165

She was pretty excited to wear it, and it turned out very Steampunk looking.  Just a really fun outfit to wear!


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  1. WOW! What a cool outfit!! You are very talented! I happened on your blog after browsing Project Run and Play. I would LOVE it if you did a tutorial for the skirt! So very cute!

    1. Thanks, Karen! I do have plans to make a tutorial on the skirt. It is on “the list”, so hopefully I will get to it in the next month.

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