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Welcome to the Suit up for Summer Tour!

Over the years, I have made many swimming suits. Sewing swimwear is NOT HARD.  I know people get intimidated by sewing them, but it really is much easier than it may appear.

Most of the swimsuits I have made over the years have been for my daughter.  These were pretty much all the suits I made for her, and they were all self drafted but one.  The earlier ones were made with just a sewing machine, and I generally still do use my sewing machine a lot during construction.

These were the suits I made for myself, and the first ones were self-drafted, but I used a pattern for the most recent one.

I also kind of want to slap myself.  The first three swimsuits I am modeling I was so self-conscious since I felt fat.  Yeah, that was 20 lbs ago, so I wish I looked that fat right now!

For boys suits, I have not made my son’s suits historically.  I finally made him one this spring, and have purchased more fabric for additional boardshorts.  I used the Jalie boys/mens boardshort pattern.  Boardshort fabric is not the easiest to find, but I have found some at Zenith & Quasar and Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop.

Swimsuits are not difficult to sew.  They can actually be pretty quick to make!  It depends on how much you want to do.  A simple one piece suit can be whipped up pretty quick.

There are different weights of swimsuit fabric.  The lighter weight can be used as lining, though, from experience, it can be difficult to sew.  I was about ripping my hair out trying to sew this pink fabric, which is why I used it as a lining and flounce over the main fabric.

I would steer towards the heavier weight fabrics, which tend to be easier to sew.  If it truly is heavy weight, you may just need a lining for the crotch piece and maybe across the chest.  If your main color is light, I would try to line the whole thing.  I buy my lining fabric from either Sew Sassy or Zenith & Quasar.

I like to put bra cups in my suits, and I buy mine from Sew SassyI have detailed photos here for putting in bra cups.  Just smooth it over the lining, without stretching the lining, and zigzag them onto the lining fabric.  I put the cups in between the lining and main fabric when sewing it up.

Here is the new suit I made for myself for this swimsuit tour.

I had been wanting to make a suit with the 5 out of 4 Agility Tank and Riptide Shorties.  Jessica graciously offered up these patterns for the tour.

This is very much a “mom swimsuit”.  It is not tight and revealing, and it is comfy.  I don’t have to worry about my belly pooch in this one.

I have to admit, this was not a fast and easy sew.  The bindings on the tank were a bit time consuming.  You attach one side of the bindings, along with clear elastic, and then pull it over to the opposite side and stitch down.  You then trim the excess.  I did turned the hem under for the straps, so it looked cleaner.  Not sure what is better.

I used almost an entire package of clear elastic on the suit.

I added cups to the lining of the bodice, but I think I put them too low.  I think they should be higher, since the neckline overall seemed too high.  The shoulder straps do hit at my shoulder, so next time I think I will scoop out the neckline more.

Yes, I only had black cups in my stash, but they didn’t show through.

The reversible shorties were a size too big, so I had to redo the leg elastic since it was way too loose.  I gathered the elastic a bit so they hugged my legs more.  I have chicken legs, so my thighs are generally the last place I gain weight.  I did a medium and should have made a small.  I have a thick waist that doesn’t reflect my butt and hips.  I am definitely a rectangle body shape.

I added a micro mesh in between the waist pieces to give it a bit more suck-it-in. The pretty patterned fabric was a pre-order I purchased (I had the matching solid already).





This is a suit that will get a lot of wear.  I don’t feel self-conscious in it at all and don’t feel like I will fall out of it.  A great suit!

Thanks for visiting and be sure to check out the rest of the ladies on the tour!

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  2. Oh wow! You are like swimsuit sewing amazingness! This whole post was just full of your fantastic swim fabric selections and designs. LOVE

    1. Thanks Abbey! I have been sewing them since my daughter was about 2. I had a hard time finding swimsuits that fit her well, so I dived right in. 🙂

    1. Thanks! I would definitely give a shot. I am thinking of making some just for wearing out and about in the summer, too. 🙂

  3. Stacy, I love this post! So much great info and I won’t hesitate to recommend this post to all those newbies out there. I’m a rectangle too and always get my sizing wrong- I never know when to account for my bigger waist or no hips!

    1. Thanks, Emily! I really like how this turned out. The fabric was very pretty and I really wanted something for me. 🙂

  4. Wow! I feel like you are swimwear professional! I love your suit and can’t believe all the suits you have made for your daughter over the years. I just want to give you a virtual high five for being amazing!

    1. Thanks! I feel a bit like a professional, but there is always something new to learn. It is fun to make them since they take so little fabric!

  5. I love your swimsuit! The Agility top pattern has been on my short list for a while – such a fun, practical, athletic style!

    1. I would definitely recommend the agility tank. I think next time I am going to try to make some adjustments to it so I don’t have to do so much binding, though! 🙂

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