Summer casual wardrobe capsule

Now that summer has arrived, and I am sitting at baseball games and tournaments for hours on end, I have come to the realization that I don’t have much to wear.  I have a fairly decent work wardrobe (though I could use some new tops), but casual is not good at all.

I’d like to do some red and black, since that is the team colors for my son and daughter.  We live in MN, so wearing black in the summer isn’t going to kill us.  We are still in the 70’s and low 80’s in June, and we might occasionally see a 90 or 100 in July and August.  I used to ride horses and rodeo in jeans, boots, long sleeved shirts and felt hats in the summer, so I have a high tolerance for heat.

I have some of these fabrics left, so I will make something for me out of the cotton lycra:


Here is what I am thinking for my soduko capsule:


1 pair of black shorts

1 pair of white shorts

1 black skirt/maxi skirt

1 black pair of joggers (maybe have enough of the black/white stripe)

1 yoked front sleeveless top (I will get a tutorial done on this)

2 swing tank tops

1 draped front sleeveless top (copy of a RTW shirt I love)

I have a pattern for the shorts, but the rest I will draft or modify patterns.  I will let you know what I use as a base, if I do.

I have a couple of pairs of black sandals and plenty of jewelry for the “layers”.

Too much?

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 11.11.05 AM

I might buy a new pair of black sandals, but that would require time to go shopping.  Hahahahaha!

Now I have to get my sewing room cleaned up and turned into a guest room tonight, since my parents are coming to visit this weekend.  I will have no time to sew this weekend due to tournaments.  Time is not my friend lately!