Summer dresses – pattern hack

Over the summer I made a few dresses that were worn quite often.  I used the Sneha tunic/dress from Wardrobe by Me for the base of these dresses.

These first ones were just the basic pattern, only I added bands to the arms.  The bands were 2-3″ shorter than the armscye hole.  This first one I didn’t lengthen.


The fabric is another one of my designs.  The was a performance knit I printed at MyFabricDesigns.  It was a nice wicking type of fabric, but it runs if you stretch it too much.

And this is my lovely tan from my sandals this summer.  Lots of baseball and softball games. 😉


Here is the same tunic lowered a few inches.

This one I lowered quite a bit.  Not sure how much, since I made it at my sewing retreat.  I measured from my shoulder to the floor and made it long enough to make a maxi dress.  It stretched a bit, so I had to rehem it.  I probably went out about 10″ from the original hem on the tunic, so it was a gradual increase to the hemline.


Next summer, I am sure I will be making more!

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