Summer is coming

Time to get some summer sewing done, right?  Well, I actually made these a few months ago, but she finally wore them this week when we were hit with a warm spell.

She told me that she couldn’t wear jean shorts to school anymore.  The hell?

I looked up the online dress code and it says no tank tops, but nothing about jean shorts.  It just says your clothes can’t show the undergarments (duh!), so pretty much any booty shorts, irrespective of jeans, can fit that description.

These shorts are NOT booty shorts, nor would I make her any that didn’t have to do with sports (in volleyball or gymnastics they do wear those short, tight shorts, but I made my daughter’s shorts a bit longer than what I could buy).

Photos turned out a bit over-exposed.  Quick before school photos do not always turn out well!

20160418_6596This was the second set I made for her.  First is here.  The cami is from SLPCO, and is another fabric I designed.

20160124-DSC_0027 20160124-DSC_0019I made the shorts to match, which are a shortened Emilya’s Bermuda short.  The shorts just have fabric paint on the edges, and I tried to mix the paint to match the fabric.  I should have made it a little lighter, I think.  Overall it is a cute outfit, though.


Freezer paper stencils are really easy to do with fabric paint, and since I didn’t have any purple iron-on vinyl, this was a good option.

I just drew the design on freezer paper, cut it out with a scissors and exacto knife, ironed it on and painted it.  The hem isn’t even on these, since I must not have shortened it the same on each side.  I trued it up before hemming.

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Since she can’t wear a plain tank top to school, she needed a cover.  Luckily, I had already had this circle top made up from a few years ago.  It all matched very well, so she was all ready to meet that rare 80 degree day in April.


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