Geralt – The Witcher – Costume Details

This costume has been an agony of time in getting it finished.  I have not had the time I would have liked to devote to all of the details in making it.  I feel bad that I didn’t get their swords done for the Geralt and Ciri costumes, but something’s gotta give, Man.  Momma works full time and clothes them in other awesomeness, so time for all of this is at a premium.

So, here are the details:


This was one of the hardest things to decide to do.  I didn’t figure the dude would want leather leggings, so I compromised with a pair of suede-cloth jeans.  The shirt is a thick knit, and I doubled up the sleeves in order to give it a more quilted look.  The shirt is supposed to be padded for the “armor”.


The jeans is my own pattern that I drafted and sized up from a pair of RTW jeans he owned.  The top is a heavily modified Ottobre pattern that I sized up.

The leather strapping:

Another thing that took forever.  I got these finished up in the spring.  They took me several days, several different types of leather and a metallic mesh.  Lots of buckles on this costume.  LOTS.


The chest plate:

This is made from vegetable tanned leather, which is a nice thick leather.  I wet it and formed it with some “molds”.  It took a day to dry.  Next it was dyed and formed again, since the dye makes it wet, too.  The straps are added last.

20161001_1182 20161001_1178 20161001_1179 20161001_1184

The mid-section armor:

What do you call this?  An armored corset?  I made the chainmail for this part.  I didn’t do it on the shoulder pieces since I ran out of time.  Maybe I will redo them.  Not sure yet.  Chainmail is shifty and a pain to make.  I ordered the jump rings online, along with a jump ring separator and curved nose plyers.  It worked really well, it just, you know, took forever.


chainmail The chainmail was hand-stitched onto the heavy-weight upholstery fabric.

20161001_1185 20161001_1186

Next I added the leather to the sides and I covered the back with corduroy.  I did a strip of leather across the top.




I used grommets and suede lacing at the side to bring the front and back together.  It was hard to see what they used in the game, so I improvised.

20161001_1190 20161002_1171

When it was done the dang thing was too big.  Ughhhhhh!  I had to cut it at each side and redo the leather edge.  Doesn’t look too bad, though.

Clay wolfhead:

This was made out of Sculpty clay.  Several layers, a bit of time and some paint later…it’s a pretty cool wolf.



Gloves turned bracers:

I didn’t want to do gloves since I had never made them before.  Instead I just made some bracers.  This is several different leathers and then some D- rings.

20161002_1165 20161002_1166 20161002_1167 20161002_1019

What didn’t get made:

  • Leg Wraps: I wasn’t sure I wanted to do these, since that is a lot of leather to go to waste.  Since he had the suede pants, we opted to forgo this piece.  They were a PITA to put on his Connor costume, so I think we were both okay with it.
  • Weapons:  I really wanted to make these out of wood and do some carving, but I just ran out of time.  If I had more free time I would have totally made it.  We’ll see.  I may yet.

It was a process and I am glad that it is done enough for Halloween.


Ciri cosplay – Top and Pants

Another spring…another cosplay.  Today I am showing the pants and top for the Ciri cosplay.

This is Ciri from The Witcher 3.  She is a warrior.  She wears a lot of leather.


To start I made her pants out of a faux leather apparel fabric.  They are supposed to be leather and are cut in pieces, so I am try to keep to that aesthetic.  It also has little rivets in it.

The pleather was in a remnant pile at the fabric store.  I decided to use a basic leggings pattern that fits her, but added some ease to it. This fabric doesn’t have a ton of stretch, so I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t be to tight for her.  It was a little too tight around the ankles.  I think I will definitely be having to make her another pair for the fall.


I cut the front in three pieces and added a generous seam allowance (1″).

20160310_6188 20160319_6184The theory was that the rivets would go within the seam allowance, doubling up the surface and giving it a bit more heft to hold the rivets.  I missed the seam allowance on the one side, and the rivets are loose.  The other side is much better.

20160319_6185I got the rivets from Pacific Trimmings, since they have some shallow ones.  They are 4mm, so still a little tall for this thin pleather, but better than the 10mm you will usually find.  They were a huge pain to put in.  I hole punched one side and then noticed the holes stretched a little, so some are bordering on falling out.  The other side, I just punched a hole with my exacto knife, and they held better.   I figured she would need to be a little careful with wearing these pants, and yep…some fell out.

So, yes.  I will need to make another pair for the fall.

Now on the shirt, the front is open because you must show cleavage on all women video game characters (that’s sarcasm, by the way).  I obviously wasn’t doing this for my daughters shirt.

Using a loose fitting shirt pattern, I cut the front in two pieces and made a closed placket.

20160325_6183The neck was cut a little wider than normal, then I measured the opening and drafted a curved piece for the collar.  The shorter curved edge attaches to the shirt and the wider edge gives it that outward appearance.  The collar is interfaced so it will stand up.

20160507_6682I added the ribbon on after sewing up the shirt.  It is an open channel, so I turned over the edges at the end of the placket and heat sealed the ends so it wouldn’t fray.  I used a parachute cording that I purchased at Michael’s and silver beads for the ends.

20160325_6180This is a stretch shirting, so probably part poly, part cotton.  I tea dyed it so it has less of a clean, pristine appearance.  It was pretty simple.  I just soaked it in some water that I had some tea bags in for a few hours.

There you go!  I probably won’t get pictures until I have the rest of the costume finished, which will probably be in the fall.  I will need to make some kind of cloak for my daughter, since the Renaissance Festival can be chilly.  That will be in a few months, though.  Have summer to work on now.


Ciri cosplay – the accessories

I knew that my daughter wanted to be Ciri for many, many months, but I was stumped on how to make a few of the items.  The metal belt that Ciri wears is one of them.

screenshot corset

I wasn’t sure how I would make it so that all of the pieces were the same.  I knew I had to make a template, but wasn’t sure what to use.  I first tried to make one out of wax, and that was a failure.  Next, I decided to make it out of clay, and that worked.

20160504_6760 20160504_6758 20160504_6759First, I drew out the template in pencil and then rubbed it onto the flattened clay.  Next, I cut out the pieces and then baked it.

20160504_6754 20160504_6755 20160504_6756Once it was baked, I let it cool and then used the pieces to push into the clay.

20160504_6761Using a straight edge, I cut the sides and angled the corners.

20160504_6762 20160504_6763The glass bead is something I found at Michael’s in their flower section.  You need to press it into the center so that it has a place to sit.

20160504_6764 20160504_6765To attach these to a belt, you need to have some holes in them.  I decided to attach them underneath the bead, so I made three holes.  Once done, I baked them.  For the two side pieces, I draped them over cannolli tubes so that they curved.  When they were cool, I sprayed them with silver spray paint.

I cut a piece of leather, and spaced out the tiles.  I attached them to the belt with wax thread.  Once that was done, I glued the glass beads over the top with E6000 glue.

20160504_6766 20160505_6742The other clay piece I did was the cat’s head.  I looked at pictures of it and then carved it with my clay tools.  Once done, I baked it and spray painted it.  I added the back ring with E6000 glue.  Not perfect, but good enough!

20160507_6737Next belt was the leather belt.  I bought a belt blank from Tandy Leather and then the cross stamp.  I used the swivel cutter for the rest of the cuts.

20160505_6747Next was dying it with leather dye, and then adding the hardware.

Other leather pieces I did were the arm straps and the pouches.

20160507_6739 20160507_6735 20160507_6736

Lastly was the knife and sheath.  I didn’t get any pictures of making it since it was last night, and I was running out of time!  The handle is a cut up wooden candle holder, the knife part is a small piece of wood, and the circles in the middle and the cap are made of clay.  The handle is wrapped in leather.


I think she turned out pretty close.  I am just missing her gloves and sword, which I will work on before the Renaissance here in the fall.  Plus, I have to get my son’s costume done, too.  I just ran out of time.  Story of my life!

ciri collageBetter pictures will come, too.  She rocked it at the con, though.  And she loved the scars (little wierdo).


Cosplay Corset DIY

In many female cosplay costumes, a corset is a integral part of the costume.  There are a lot of “period” (however fictitious the period may be) costumes, where corsets are the norm for the female characters.  Ciri’s corset is more of a protection.  It is made of leather.  From the pictures, it doesn’t appear to have lacing at the back, so it is fitted to her measurements.



I decided to not do lacing in the back, so instead I fit it exactly and put a zipper in the front.

Measurements and drafting:


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