Me Made May – Week #4 and to the end

Last full week, which is good since I am getting tired of trying to get outfit pictures!  I used to do outfit pictures daily, and I would usually just go home at lunch to do them.  I haven’t been doing that very often lately, so I try to get them before leaving for work in the morning.  Some of these this week I was unable to get that done.

Day #22 – Yes I took these pictures after sitting all day at work…can’t you tell??

Day #23

Zipped top – RTW – Jessica Simpson

Day #24

Black sweater – RTW

Day #25

Day #26

Day #27

This day was a pattern test that has been shelved.   Hopefully she will release it in the future.

Day #28

I wore this maxi dress.

Day #29

I wore these grey french terry lounge pants whilst cleaning the house.  I need to make more…they are comfy.

Day #30

  • Wardrobe by Me Builder T-shirt with a cowl hack (not blogged)
  • Blue stripe skirt (old…can’t find the post about it!)

Day #31

RTW Sweater

And….that’s all she wrote!




Me Made May – Week #3

Here we are at week #3!  I am trying not to wear the same thing twice, and that doesn’t appear to be an issue so far.  I have a lot of clothes that I have made over the years.  This was a very rainy and wet and COLD week, so not much for outside pictures.

Day #15

Day #16

Day #17

Day #18

Day #19

  • Tunic made from Naptime Creations Slouchy Sweatshirt (elongated, with wider band and cowl) – not blogged
  • Love Notions Canyon Vest

Leggings – CAbi – RTW

Day #20

  • Ponte and leather leggings

Sweater and undershirt – RTW

Day #21

I ended up just wearing the top from Day #12 over some jeans.  It was a mostly lazy day at home.

Now onto the last full week!



Me Made May – Week #2

Here we are at week #3, and my pictures from last week.  I have a hard time getting pictures during the weekends.  This weekend was super, super busy, too, so it just didn’t happen for the most part.

Day #8

  • Draped shirt – not blogged
  • Animal print skirt – can’t find the blogpost – I made it in 2012.

Day #9

Day #10

Red jacket – purchased

Day #11

Day #12

  • Yoke knit top (not blogged)

Jeans – purchased

Day #13

  • Wore my firebird skort with a draped front top, then
  • Made this poly lycra sheath (not blogged yet – I will get better pictures and show this soonish)

Bad picture.  Took something quick before running out to dinner. It was a busy weekend.

Day #14

Wore this skort with a RTW shirt.

That is it for week #2.  Wore at least one thing I made each day!



Me Made May – the browns

Now that Me Made May is done and gone, I can start mixing up what I wear with my RTW articles.  During MMM I tried to wear a top and bottom that I had made. Turns out this is getting easier, as I have been making my clothes for several years now.  The wardrobe capsule that I made earlier in the spring has definitely helped in getting a matching wardrobe.

So here is a bit of a dissection on my wardrobe…or at least the brown/tan/cream section.

Favorite wear was probably this modified Ravenna with a RTW scarf with skulls and flowers on it (shoes are Franco Sarto).  I promise that I will do a hack blog post on this top turned dress.  Now that I have worn it, there is a modification that needs to be made with it.  The neckline is too high, so when you sit down it can choke you out a bit. That needs to get lowered.  This dress was also a hot mess with the fabric, since it was so shifty.  I needed to wear something over the top to camouflage the non-matching bust darts.  It was really horrid to work with, though it has a nice hand.

2016-05-20 08.26.38 copy

Another cream and black, which is a combination I like to wear.  These are my palazzo, or lose fitting pants, basically.  The top is one that I made a year or so ago, and it started out as a dress.  The dress was a hot mess, so I just hacked it off the bottom and hemmed.  Sometimes you have to do that to salvage a me made that didn’t work the first time.

2016-05-25 08.40.42-1

Now here are some browns.  The first photo is of a skirt that I made a few years ago, and the brown knit and pleather top from my capsule.  I also have plans to make a tutorial on drafting and making this top.  I need to make some more, but I need to modify the pattern a bit.  It has a little gaping in the front, so a little too much material on the top middle.  Easy enough to take out.

2016-05-27 08.29.15-1

Hey, here is the top again!  A nice neutral gets a lot of wear.  The skirt is also from the capsule. (Sweater: LOFT, Boots: American Eagle, Jewelry: vendor at Wizard World)

2016-05-09 08.41.08-1

Another brown outfit.  The top is a bias cut top from my wardrobe capsule and a bottom weight with lycra skirt I made a few years ago (errr…2008) (shoes: Bandolino, necklace: Stella and Dot).  It was one of the first skirts I made when I started sewing for myself again.

2016-05-31 08.34.28-1

This one has a lace top I made in 2012, the cardigan from my capsule (again, I want to make a blog post on how to draft and make one) and the palazzo pants in a heavy brown poly knit.

2016-05-17 08.37.07-1

A little more colorful, but still in the brown/tan category.  This is a shirt I made as a part of my capsule and hacked from the Sneha by Wardrobe by Me.  The skirt is my basic maxi skirt pattern in a knit made in 2012.  I found this knit to be a bit too thin and didn’t have a nice recovery.  The fabric is pretty, but it will be going in a giveaway pile.  I shouldn’t be wearing see-through skirts at my age. 😉 (Cardigan: CAbi, jewelry: Silpada, flats: Life Stride)

2016-05-26 08.30.46-1

And one last brown that I have a decent photo of (I resorted to using my DSLR, since my phone camera sucks).  This is a basic pull on skirt out of bottom weight with lycra and my wrap top draft that I made this winter. (boots and sweater from Zulily).

2016-05-11 09.07.54-1

I am hoping to get some time to sew some summer clothes for me and my girl.  We both are in great need.  I decided to participate in a swimsuit pattern test, and I think it is time for me to step back from anything with a timeline.  I just don’t have enough hours to string together right now to guarantee anything.  These kids are keeping us busy this summer with travel baseball and softball.  It seems I have to go to every one of their games or they get a little testy with me.  Tweens! 😉