The grey’s of winter

Apparently, I was in a grey mood when I bought these fabrics!  Serendipity, as less than 48 hours later we got our first snowfall and the skies were a leaden grey for days.

I guess winter has arrived.

I went shopping at a new branch of the big warehouse here (SR Harris), and was surprised that they did still have plenty of apparel fabrics, as that was not going to be the focus of this store.  In reference, this is the knit aisle of their big store:


Less fabric, but HEY! You can find things!  And get them off the shelves without pulling muscles!!  I am not sure how the old ladies get the fabric out without help.  I have helped out a few while shopping.  I am not the Hulk or anything, but even for me it is difficult to get bolts out.  The new store is much easier to get them out AND you don’t have to cut and put away the fabric.  Good stuff.

Onward to the actual sewing.

2014-11-13 09.09.21

This skirt is my TNT skirt.  I didn’t add a back zipper, since the fabric had lycra.  I probably should have, but I was lazy.

2014-11-13 09.09.08

This grey top is my TNT princess-seamed shirt.  This shirt just pulls over my head, since all the fabrics have lycra.  The grey is a ponte which feels more like a stretch shirting than a knit.  The variegated grey also had a good amount of lycra in it.  I used up pretty much all of my yard + of fabric for the top accents and skirt.

2014-11-10 22.01.47

This next winter grey is some french terry that I got at a pretty decent price.  I had to buy all 4+ yards of it, or none of it, and I figured I could make something with it.

There is some pulling on the side where the bound hem meets the side seam.

2014-11-10 18.51.13

I think I pulled the binding too much, so it is pulling in the sides.  I have a hard time figuring out how much is too much.  I don’t want it to gape, but this binding I made wider, so there was less of a chance of that happening.

2014-11-10 18.49.41 copy

I drafted the lounge pants off a pair of RTW lounge pants.  It has a 2″ elastic waistband and I threw some pockets on in case I need to carry my phone with me everywhere (which has happened since I upgraded my phone…that thing can measure your heartbeat and control the TV!).

I spent a Sunday cutting and sewing, which is when I got all of the above done.  Basically I sewed them up from 6:30pm – 10:30 on Sunday night.  I was focused and even opted not to watch the Packers beat the tar out of the Bears.  THAT is how much I wanted to get this stuff sewed up!  🙂

More to come…I am a bit behind in posting things I have made…

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  1. I love gray, it’s my favorite neutral. I found a remnant @ the new SR Harris that was almost 3 yards & had to buy all or none of it & I chose to buy it! I plan on sewing myself a dress to wear to a Christmas party next week, but first I have to sew an otter costume!!!

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