The layering t-shirt

A few years ago I purchased a t-shirt at the store Maurice’s.  It was one of those, “I need something new to wear this weekend” purchases, and so I didn’t expect to wear it much.  Turns out I wore it A LOT.

Sequins always make a shirt better

I decided I needed to make a pattern from it, and it was a pretty easy pattern.

The first shirt I made with it had those cut outs to put a mesh in it.

Then I made a long sleeve version.

Turns out I like to wear them both quite a bit.

In the Project Sew It group on Facebook, the January challenge is to sew a t-shirt.  I knew just what pattern to use!

This is a royal blue bamboo jersey and is very comfortable to wear.  These are great layering pieces for the wardrobe.  Where I live it gets pretty cold in the winter, but we like to have layers since some places are warmer (or colder!) than others inside.  This was a great addition to my wardrobe, as royal blue is a favorite of mine.

Next months project is to sew a sweater.  Pretty sure that will be another one of the Rulo’s with the skinny arms.  I loved the last one I made!


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