Yes, I can still sew with my injured paw!  (It just gets a bit sore after awhile…)

I made the first outfit here for myself.  The plaid camo is a stretch twill-like material and the cream is a knit.  The leggings I made from a pattern I drafted with 2.0″ elastic at the waist.  The shirt started as a basic knit shirt.  I made the folded neckline 15″ wide and 30″ long, on the fold.  I serged the ends, and then I just put it around the neckline and serged it on.  The band at the bottom is a little smaller than the bottom hem.



The Girl asked if those were new pants, and I told her “Yes, I made them last night.”  She looked interested, so I asked her if she wanted a pair and that I thought I had enough.  She said yes, so onward I went!

I actually had to patch the bottoms, because I didn’t have the length I needed for them.  I had enough, just not enough to cut it in one piece!

Next was the shirt. I didn’t have enough of the cream left to do the arms (or any other cream in my stash), so I decided to do them in black.  I let the Girl choose an “Army” design, due to the camo theme we had going on.  She chose the plane, so I prettified it with gold glitter vinyl.  To tie it in with the black, I put gold glitter elastic on the cuffs.


I had it all done by morning, but she said the leggings were too tight and they didn’t go high enough in the back. Oh, and she didn’t like the black on the sleeves.  *sigh*  I can’t win for losing with this kid!

Then, she was concerned that other people wouldn’t like it.  I told her she looked cool, and that she shouldn’t care what other people think of her clothes.  I told her I wore stuff that other people probably wouldn’t ever wear and it didn’t bother me one bit!


She said she liked it by the time she got home that day.  She just had to warm up to it! 🙂

Now I have a blazer sort of cut out for me.  I haven’t done a lined thing in forever.  I am trying to syke myself up for it.  My grand plan is for this to be a pro type and then use it to make some more blazers.  I have a beautiful blue velvet with an equally pretty lining fabric.  I have big, big plans, but don’t want to cut into that pretty fabric until I know that the pattern will fit when done.  Not a big muslin fan, but I might have to suck it up a bit if the one that is cut out doesn’t fit.

Before that, though…holiday decorating and cleaning the house.  Fun. 😉

5 thoughts on “Twins”

  1. You are rocking that camo! I love those pants and would totally pair them with that shirt and those boots.

    And the girl… I love that combo on her. The glitter jet is too perfect.

  2. I love that outfit. My oldest daughter is 9 and I totally understand the “warming up” concept. Although sometimes I sew things as asked and they still aren’t right. I think we’re starting to understand each other though. Stretch pants and knit shirts seem like the right direction for this age group! 🙂

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