No modeling of these!

Generally, there are things I tend to buy.  Jeans, outerwear and underwear being in that group.  It seems a waste of time to make underwear, since they are so cheap.  Of course, if you like a certain overpriced brand in a version they no longer carry…then you might be inclined to make them.

I took a pair that was worn out, and traced the pattern.  First pair was fairly good, though I stretched the elastic on the legs and should not have done so.  They are tight in the legs now.  The second pair, I raised the waist a little and didn’t stretch the leg elastic.


Good stuff.  They fit and didn’t take much fabric or time.  Give this a shot if you are inclined to make something that fits well.

I made a few more in some neutral colors.  Changing a few things.  I lowered the front waistline a little.  I think I need to lower it more.  The fabrics I used are cotton lycra knit and jersey knit with lycra.


I got the elastic at the fabric store here, but there is a lot on Amazon.  The top elastic is about 3″ wide.  Leg elastic is 1″ wide.  I actually bought 6″ wide elastic and cut it down the middle.  It seems to be holding up well in the wash.  I just zig-zagged it over the top of the fabric.  These are really easy to make.  Here are what my pattern pieces look like:


Like I said…don’t stretch the lace elastic, at least the thinner one.  The 6″ elastic had a lot more stretch that the 1″ elastic.  Test yours to see how much it stretches.  The thinner laces didn’t have a lot of give, but it just could have been the type I purchased.

Last pair, and now I am working on holiday sewing, like probably every other sewist.  I have a to do list that is a mile long, but only so many things are going to get made.