Upping the twirl factor

This week we are going to a funeral of someone that I grew up with as a part of my life.  Her kids asked me to do the eulogy, so I am a bit stressed about that.  I don’t enjoy public speaking, though I can generally do a good job at it.  Just don’t look at my hands, because they are shaking.

Sewing is my stress reliever, plus the girl needed something to wear.  She wanted something to wear with the blue leaves necklace that we bought for her at the comic con.  It was her birthday present and she didn’t think she had anything that would go with it (She did…jeans and a black top would go with it!).


The dress is self-drafted.  I wanted this to have some interest on it, so I added the faux leather accents.  The neckline and the arms have black faux leather.  I put Heat n’ Bond on the backside of the one with grommets.  That way it adhered to the fabric, and will be more stable.


The skirt is a full circle skirt on the front and a full circle on the back.  I didn’t have quite enough fabric, so I had to piece it.  I like how the black works in with the faux leather accents.

20170115_2958 20170115_2942

The black is a ponte with an animal print, and the blue is a brushed poly with lycra.  It is a nice heavier weight, so it handles the skirt pretty well.


She will wear it with black leggings and boots for the funeral, then I am sure it will get worn much to school.  It is a very comfortable and suits her well.



5 thoughts on “Upping the twirl factor”

    1. Thanks so much, Lori. We knew it was coming…her unusual cancer was detected late. We are comforted that she is no longer in pain.

  1. I love this! I love the leather accents! I am hoping my tomboy will decide she likes dresses again someday. Currently she refuses to wear a dress so I am not making any. I sneak in some long tunics that almost seem like dresses to me 🙂

    1. Thanks, Cara! She went through that same phase. Now I can get her to wear peplum tops, which are almost the same as a dress amiright?? She might get through that phase, too. I do the long tunics and leggings mostly, too. I am lucky she does like bright colors, though.

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