Wardrobe Capsule – Finished!

When I was thinking about my wardrobe capsule, I wanted to use what I had in my fabric stash.  This was not hard, as I have a lot.

I have been drawn to lighter colors these days, so I took out my creamy neutrals and started planning the individual pieces I was going to make.  The biggest impetus was that I needed TOPS.  This is something lacking in my spring and summer wardrobe.

I still wanted them to have a little edginess to them, so I also added in some leather and faux leather that I have in my fabric stash.  All these different elements pull together into a fairly cohesive mix and match grouping.


Here it is…the finished Wardrobe in a “Week” capsule.  I may or may not have watched some project runway before embarking on my sewing.  I think you will notice that not all of these were easy projects.

I was able to complete the wardrobe capsule in about a week and a half.  I changed things up as I started cutting, and noting just what I wanted and needed to make.  I sewed pretty much all weekend for the first weekend, and then made the rest at night after the kids hit the hay.  I was burning the midnight oil, and so happy to be done with this wardrobe.

Here was my original soduko.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 10.58.28 AM

I decided to make some changes, so I added two dresses, and then I couldn’t figure out how to make the soduko work.  Well, then I needed to redo some parts and so, yes…it totally changed, and ended up being more than just the original 9 pieces.

Here is my completed capsule, but I also have an add on capsule that includes  dresses.

separates soduko

What I made in summary:

  • Cream rayon dress, modified Ravenna pattern
  • Cream poly knit dress, self drafted
  • Stone maxi skirt, self drafted
  • Animal print and cream pencil skirt (bottom-weight woven with lycra), self drafted
  • Green silk handkerchief hem skirt, self drafted
  • Dark denim jeggings, self-drafted
  • Green yoked knit top, self-drafted
  • Brown yoked knit top with a faux leather exterior yoke piece, self-drafted
  • Cream poly knit and rayon top, self drafted
  • Stone keyhole top, modified Sneha pattern
  • Cream knit and pigskin vest, self drafted
  • Brown and cream double knit cardigan, self drafted

And I also made this belt:


I love it.

Here they are worn (click to see them bigger).  In the next week I will start posting on how each pieces was made, relevant patterns or tutorials, and any issues I encountered.  I have to fix the cream vest I made, since it appears to be too large.  The green skirt will need to be taken in a bit, too.  I will get to eventually, and then get some better pictures of those pieces.

The accessories finished off the looks.  I have no shortage of accessories.

I have a feeling that once Me Made May hits…I will be all set!

I had been wanting to get these pieces made for quite awhile, so I am really glad that this challenge came up to push me into getting them completed.  I know that I won’t have much time to sew once summer hits, so some of these posts might be months in the making by the time I get them done.  I sewed up a lot of pieces and most of them were self-drafted.  I am going to try to explain my process in how I went about designing and drafting them.

If you can call it a “process”.

Now that these are done…I have a dance costume that I have been procrastinating making.  There’s a sweet little girl and expects to be rocking lime green in a few weeks, and I need to get that made!

If you want to see the posts on the capsule when I get them made, just look over to the left and subscribe by e-mail.  Once they post, you will get them in your e-mail box.  You can unsubscribe at any time if you find me annoying. 😉

4 thoughts on “Wardrobe Capsule – Finished!”

  1. I am so impressed with your Wardrobe capsule, those are amazing pieces. I think I am most impressed in your week and half production. Wow! Can’t wait to see all the details.

    1. Thanks so much, Lori! Now to figure out my posts on the details! I didn’t take a ton of photos for it, but at least I got some. I was really busy sewing. I want to do some posts on a few things I drafted, though. I think I drafted at least half of the clothes I made. Some I had already drafted, and I modified two patterns. It was a lot to do! No wonder I was sewing in my sleep some nights. 😉

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