The Boy’s choice for Wizard World was to be a Wizard from Clash of Clans:


Whoohoo!  Fairly easy costume!

I already had some blue fabric for the pants, so I made him a pair of navy pants from an Ottobre pattern.  I had already made him a brown shirt to wear with some flannel pants for jammies, so that covered the shirt part.


Next, was the robe, and I didn’t have fabric for that one.  I bought a rayon blend woven in French blue. Luckily Fabric.com didn’t mess up that part of the order and I got that right away.  It is a nice woven fabric, and it sewed up pretty quickly.  I took an Ottobre vest pattern, made a bigger hood, elongated it and added a sleeve from another pattern.  Frankenpatterning it!  The white is just a grosgrain ribbon I sewed on after hemming everything.


Lastly was the belt.  I had some scrap leather, but nothing long enough for the belt.  I decided to rivet together some pieces.  Unfortunately, the leather was pretty thick, so I had to use my exacto knife to whittle it down so the rivet would work in it.  I was almost done with the belt, and I ran into a snag.  I was doing the round holder for the end of the belt to go into and that last rivet was a little tough to put in.  I ended up hitting my thumb with the hammer instead of the rivet!


Let no one tell you crafting is pain free…if it isn’t getting jabbed with needles, it is other painful mishaps!

I finally got it done the next day, and it met with approval from the little man.  I told him I could draw on his beard.  He didn’t want to hold a flame thing all day (I was thinking of taking a styrofoam ball and gluing yellow, orange, and red tissue paper to it in a flame pattern).

I think the hardest part was finding him a pair of boots in the Spring to wear with his costume.  Sandals everywhere, but no boots.  We finally had to go to Gander Mountain to buy an expensive pair of hiking boots.  Hope he gets two years of use out of them.

I think it turned out to be a pretty good representation of the Wizard. 🙂


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  1. Rachel, yes…the belt, too! I didn’t want to, but gave in when he didn’t have one to fit him. I am starting to get a bit burnt out right now. I haven’t started on the Project Sewn garment yet. Not sure that will happen this week. 🙁

    Thanks, Lori. 🙂

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