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Comfy sweatshirt dress

Hey, I sewed something up this week! I have had this cut out for a few weeks, so I finally got around to sewing it up.  It is basically this same top, only with a longer band around the bottom and deeper pockets. This is only 2-way stretch, so it is a bit tighter around… Continue reading Comfy sweatshirt dress

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Creating a design repeat

As I am having so much fun making up my designs into repeat patterns, I thought I would go into a little of how I create them. I start out by drawing a design by hand. Once my design is all done, I take a picture of it and bring it into Photoshop.  I delete… Continue reading Creating a design repeat

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Focus – Weeks 46 & 47

The holidays are now upon us!  It has been a busy few weeks, with not much sewing in store.  I did cut out a bunch of projects, but haven't gotten around to it. My accomplishments this week Focus Photo - Last week was Thanksgiving and this pretty much sums up the girl right now. I… Continue reading Focus – Weeks 46 & 47


Focus – Week 45

Last week I "focused" mostly on drawing and creating patterns, so that was fun and something different.  It seems like I need to change up on what I am working on or else I get bored and just don't want to work on things.  I have definitely hit a wall with my sewing lately.  I… Continue reading Focus – Week 45

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Lightning strikes!

I am a sucker for red fabrics.  Anything I can mix with black usually ends up in my shopping cart, since I wear it so much.  Having my kids' school colors as red and black definitely helps, since I try to wear the fan colors at their tournaments and games. This is the Flash lightning… Continue reading Lightning strikes!

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Pride City Stripes

This was my top for the Pride round at Fabric Anthropology.  When I got sent the fabric I was a little concerned by how "colorful" it was.  If you haven't noticed...I tend to wear a lot of neutral colors...and red. So...I thought about what kind of design I wanted to make that would still be… Continue reading Pride City Stripes

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All for Love

Next weekend this beautiful blanket will be up for auction at the Be Proud Charity Auction Event.  The fabric was donated by Fabric Anthropology, and it is a large 72" x 60" blanket with custom fabric on both sides. The proceeds from the auction will go to The Trevor Project and Point of Pride. If… Continue reading All for Love

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Fall staples – the tunic top

I made a few tops for fall that I knew would get used in heavy rotation.  I was missing some basic layering tops, and that was just silly.  I have plenty of fabric...hello!  I  like to have longer tops to go with my leggings for booty coverage. For all of these I used the Sneha… Continue reading Fall staples – the tunic top