Nature Inspired

I am currently participating in a blog contest where we sew something each week based on a theme.  This is the first week’s theme – Nature Inspired.  I based it off some fabric I have been hoarding for a long time.  The look is inspired by the American Southwest landscapes.

If you are interested in voting…it is at the end of this blog post.

Shirt and Skirt - ~Made by Me~

Boots – Matisse

Jewelry – Silpada

Hair – Two strand braids.  This is a fresh dye job, so it is still pretty deep red.  It tones down after a week or two!

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This dress is all satin, and another labor of love.  It wasn’t too difficult to put together, but I wasn’t sure if I would ever wear it.  I dressed it down here with  a black sweater, so it wasn’t so over the top.  The fabric was a great find and I probably paid around $5 for the white border print satin.  It took probably 4 hours or so to make it, and I really like how it turned out.

Well, that is it for the sewing for now.  I am working on making some stretch denim jeggings, but there is not enough stretch.  At least it is Lent now.  I generally give up sweets during this time, so that is good for 5 lbs!  This winter I have gone on a free for all with food, so many things are tight on me right now.  Time to get back to exercising and eating right/healthy.

Dress ~Made by Me~

Sweater – Express

Boots – Sketchers

Jewelry – Silpada

Hair – Side braid

border-print-satin-3 border-print-satin border-print-satin-2


I can’t wait for spring, so I can take pictures outside.  These pictures inside are for the birds.  It is so hard to get the color right and you can barely make everything out!

This is a nicely lined jacket that is version #1 for me.  I have some fabrics that I want to use for jackets in the future.  One is a beautiful blue velvet.  Now I just have to recover from this one to tackle another!

Blazer – ~Made by Me~

Shirt – Express

Skirt – ~Made by Me~

Hair – Side french braids and then I wrapped them around and pinned in place.



I have been playing with some leather in my sewing room lately.  The leather in this outfit is called Perfection Fused Leather, and is a bit of a man-made concoction.  Somehow they fused calfskin onto a lycra based fabric, and it is sold by the yard instead of by the hide.  It is rather nice to sew with, as it is more like apparel than actual leather.

Once Spring/Summer arrives I can wear this outfit with these cool shoes I got last summer:


Sweater with Leather sleeves - ~Made by Me~

Top - ~Made by Me~

Skirt - ~Made by Me~

Jewelry – JC Penny’s (I think…it was awhile ago)

Shoes - Black Taylon Bootie from Machi Footwear

Hair – Just down…I don’t think I really did anything to it.  It may have been in braids the day before, though.

pink-leather-outfit-1 pink-leather-outfit-2 black-sweater-knit


This outfit is another one that I made in it’s entirety.  I really rather love the steampunk looks.  Their Victorianesque profile has a bit of a modern ascetic.  This is kind of a toned down version for work wear.

The skirt was a bit of work, but it was a labor of love.  Those ruffles were a chore, but I just watched some Supernatural and got it done. :)

Top – ~Made by Me~

Skirt - ~Made by Me~

Boots – American Eagle

Jewelry – Design Toscano

Hair – Crown Braid

steampunky-skirt steampunky-skirt2 20140208-DSC_0029

Off white

I have been sewing up a storm for myself lately, but have been bad about posting my outfits.  Here is something I made that I am rather proud of…it is moto-style shirt/jacket.  It has lace overlays on the side seams and the back flap.  It is pretty and luckily I didn’t have to buy any fabric to make it, as I have a HUGE stash I am trying to sew up.

This outfit was a bit of a casual one, and I think this little jacket will work great to dress up jeans.

Jacket – ~Made by Me~

Top – Von Maur (I think)

Fleece Leggings – Zulily

Boots – Zulily

Hair – Braids…this tutorial at Hair Romance shows a bit of how to do it.  I do mine a bit differently, though.  I don’t pin the braids together, but wrap them around each other.



Gold splashes

Here is yet another skirt I made recently.  I had this fabric hanging up in my fabric closet and I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it.  I tend to buy things that I find interesting, and I figure that eventually I will come up with something to make.  This is a black/dark brown lycra (depends on the lighting) with little black plastic squares fused to it.  Then it looks like gold paint was sprayed over the top of it.  It is a little shiny, and rather dressy.

This is a skirt that is kind of “iffy” whether it is too dressy to wear to work.  I decided to dress it down with a casual jacket.

Skirt – ~Made by Me~

Jacket – LOFT

Shirt – CAbi

Scarf – a boutique find

Jewelry – Lia Sophia

Hair – Braided across the crown, then pulled all the hair back into a pony.  Braided the hair, put in a band and wrapped it around the base of the ponytail.  Pinned in place.  Pulled some of the hair at my crown to pouf up the top.



When I saw this fabric in the pile at the fabric store, I walked past it the first time.  Then I thought about it.  You know when you think back, and say, “Hey, I should have bought that!”??  Yeah, so OF COURSE, I went back to buy it.

Leggings, are my normal pattern that I drafted for myself.  Shirt is just a knit top that I lengthened then threw a collar on it and a band at the bottom.  Easy casual outfit!

Tunic - ~Made by Me~

Leggings - ~Made by Me~

Jewelry – apparently none (Oh yes.  We went and packed food for Feed My Starving Children and you aren’t supposed to wear jewelry there.)

Arm wrap – Doctor via black ice

Boots – Matisse via Zulily

Hair – Crown braids from wet hair (yes…again)

cream-and-camo 20131124-DSC_0039


This is an entire outfit that I made.  The snake print leggings are made from a stretch twill and then I made the knit tunic, too.

I added designs I drew onto the shirt.  I draw them by hand, scan into Photoshop and then I can manipulate them a bit (lengthen, widen, add designs together).  I have a Silhouette machine that I can cut the design files onto iron-on vinyl.  The more years I get into sewing the more fun stuff companies come out with that I can buy!  It took me awhile to justify this, though.  I asked for it for Christmas.  It was a great gift.  Then a few months later my husband accidentally dropped it on the floor after I used it only a few times.


I managed to fix it, though.  It is a bit LOUDER now when it cuts, but at least it works.

Tunic - ~Made by Me~

Leggings - ~Made by Me~

Jewelry – Silpada

Boots – Zulily

Hair – Crown braids from wet hair (notice a trend here??)

grays-2 grays-1


This is version #2 of my lined pencil skirt.  It is a very pretty brocade with gold leaves.  I lined it in black china silk, and added a walking vent.  The original pattern didn’t have that, and what the heck was up with that??  Pencil skirts need those things or else you are just about waddling.

What went wrong with this one?  I added inches onto the pattern, so this one wasn’t too tight.  I added too much, of course.  It is really rather loose at the waist, but that just means it sits lower.  Next version – add a little less.

Skirt - ~Made by Me~

Shirt – Outlet store find

Sweater – Zulily

Jewelry – JC Penny and Bauble Bar

Shoes – Target

Hair – Crown braids from wet hair