This is kind of the perfect fabric for school-age kiddos.  This is a pre-order up at The Fabric Cottage with numbers and letters is various colorways.  I was a bit late to choose a sample to sew up, so I ended up getting the numbers in white and black.  I probably would have chosen the alphabet, so I could do this quote again (cut file in the linked folder on the sidebar):

I had to think of something else to do for the numbers, so I searched for Math Memes and found this one (also in the cut file folder):

The girl is fairly good at math, and has been in advanced math at school, but she’s not a big fan of it.  I was hoping that she might see the humor in it, and still give the outfit a thumbs up.  You never know with a tween.  Seriously, they have multiple personalities.  Sometimes everything you make is fantastic, and the next time you get eyerolls so hard they hurt themselves.

She liked it this time. 🙂

The shirt is just a basic block that I have made for her.  She needs shoulder coverage since the school here doesn’t allow strappy tank tops.  The skirt is a skort that I have somehow just mangled the pattern drafting.  I had to redo it on the fly, so I will have to redo several pieces.  It all turned out pretty cute, though.

The pre-order is open until June 16th, so go check it out if you like the numbers and the alphabet.  They also have a ruled paper print that would be cute, too.  Kind of perfect for a back to school outfit in the fall!





What’s your sign?

This was kind of fun to sew up!

The constellation fabric for the skirt is on pre-order at RP Custom Fabrics.  This sample is the 58″ round on bamboo lycra.  She has a few other round panels, and they come in various sizes.

The girl claimed it when she saw it, so I had to make something for her with this pretty fabric.  I decided to make a tank top dress, with the circle as just the skirt part.  The top is from a pattern I drafted for her, and I just didn’t have the right white fabric.  All my whites were see-through.  I ended up choosing this swim knit and used the matte (not shiny) side.  I lined it with a white swim lining I had, so now it it not see-through!

The constellation sign is a Taurus for her birth month.  I found a picture of the constellation online, drew over it in Photoshop and then created a cut file for my Silhouette Cameo.

The bamboo fabric has a beautiful drape to it, and it makes a very twirly dress!

The Estellar constellation print will be available to pre-order until the 30th!

Rock on

When RP Custom Fabrics offered up these strike-offs for sewing up, I knew my time would be at a premium.  Unfortunately, this past week and upcoming week, we are in the thick of games and tournaments.  My poor kiddos are tired, tired, tired, but luckily school is almost out for them.  It is hard to have all these games, PLUS homework.

I got this sample to sew up last Thursday or Friday, so I washed it up and then didn’t have any time to sew.  Last night I got home at 5:15 yesterday from work and proceeded to cut, make and photograph these two pieces before leaving for my son’s baseball game at 7:45 (yes, it was a late one for the boys last night).   Photographing these at 7pm wasn’t fun, since the sunshine was bright and not low enough and then my remote was dead.  Being in a hurry, you will always, always have issues!

These are my two pattern drafts that I love the fit.  The top is here, and have a one size pattern for it.  I actually moved the front top part out from the seam a few extra inches to get more of a drape on it.  You just keep the bottom pattern piece against the fold line and move the top part of the pattern out at an angle.

This fabric had a great drape for this type of top.  It was a bamboo lycra, which incidentally, is now being offered in these prints for this round of fabric at RP Custom Fabrics.  It is one of my favorite fabrics to work with since it feels so nice.

The skirt is this pattern draft, just lengthened by 5 or 6 inches.  This is a nice heavy cotton lycra, so it works really well for a skirt.  Definitely not see-through.

The colors on this cotton lycra print are so pretty and vivid. This print is called Piedra and is available to pre-order at RP Custom Fabrics through the end of June.  I have a few more prints in this line to make and photograph, so more will be forthcoming!


June…the month of no time to sew

Of course, that does not preclude me from volunteering to sew up samples.  I currently have several strike-offs sitting on my sewing table that need to be sewn up.  One is finished, but I do not have an available model.  She has softball just about every night this week, so tomorrow I will have to squeeze pictures in quick before I head off to watch her brother’s game.

We are basically busy every single night this week and weekend, and the train keeps rolling through the end of the month.  After that, it is less weeknight games and just preparing for tournaments.

May was considerably down from April in the sewing department:

There are a few things in there that haven’t been blogged yet.  Hopefully, I will get to it soonish.

My sewing/to-do list right now (in order of priority)

  • Strike-off sewing: tank dress for the girl (done – see, already got something done in June)
  • Strike-off sewing:  Skirt for me with matching top
  • Strike-off sewing: I have some small bits that I need to figure out how to use.  I think they are too narrow for sleeves, so maybe a side panel on a pair of capri’s.
  • Strike-off sewing: Skort for the girl with a matching top
  • Leather gun holster for my friend.  Really need to get this done.
  • Black leather purse
  • Skort for me out of baseball fabric, and maybe softball fabric.  I need some kind of item out of softball fabric for when I cheer on the girl. 🙂
  • I’d like to do this pouch to house my art pens and stuff that I carry in my bag-of-all-things that I bring with me to sports.
  • A few more dresses for girls.  Kind of stalled on that since I tend to volunteer myself for projects.
  • One of the dad’s on my son’s baseball team needs a leather pouch made that he can pour silica into for a base for a 4′ long dinosaur bone.  I don’t think that will be hard at all, so I said I would make it for him.  See…I volunteer for everything.
  • I am also participating in a blog tour near the end of the month, so I need to have something done for that.

No time to sew, but plenty to do.  Wish me luck! 😀

Me Made May – Week #4 and to the end

Last full week, which is good since I am getting tired of trying to get outfit pictures!  I used to do outfit pictures daily, and I would usually just go home at lunch to do them.  I haven’t been doing that very often lately, so I try to get them before leaving for work in the morning.  Some of these this week I was unable to get that done.

Day #22 – Yes I took these pictures after sitting all day at work…can’t you tell??

Day #23

Zipped top – RTW – Jessica Simpson

Day #24

Black sweater – RTW

Day #25

Day #26

Day #27

This day was a pattern test that has been shelved.   Hopefully she will release it in the future.

Day #28

I wore this maxi dress.

Day #29

I wore these grey french terry lounge pants whilst cleaning the house.  I need to make more…they are comfy.

Day #30

  • Wardrobe by Me Builder T-shirt with a cowl hack (not blogged)
  • Blue stripe skirt (old…can’t find the post about it!)

Day #31

RTW Sweater

And….that’s all she wrote!




Another gamer shirt

When I saw that Sugar Ink Fabric was planning a Skyrim/Elder Scrolls round, I knew at least two of my peoples would be interested in this fabric.  I was correct!  The owner, Christie, asked for strike off seamstresses, and I happily volunteered.

Pre-order for Skyrim

Upon receiving the panel, the design looked a little long.  After some back and forth with Christie, and seeing it sewn up, she is going to reduce the length by about 3 or 4 inches.  The actual ordered panels will then be a little smaller for the design, but still plenty awesome.

This is the Bram Raglan by Wardrobe by Me.  I did lengthen it by 2″ to try to get most of the design on the shirt.

He loves it, like I knew he would.  The back of the shirt is a game map with symbols from the game.  I used a grey jersey knit for the sleeves.

The pre-order for these and several other gamer fabrics (Mario, Splatoon and Plants vs. Zombies) will open on June 1 and close on June 18.   If you have a gamer in your family, check out the prints.  You may make them very happy by sewing up something they love.  This is why I can still sew for my teen boy…I make his clothes with his hobbies in mind!






Suit up for summer tour – Under it all

Welcome to the Suit up for Summer Tour!

Over the years, I have made many swimming suits. Sewing swimwear is NOT HARD.  I know people get intimidated by sewing them, but it really is much easier than it may appear.

Most of the swimsuits I have made over the years have been for my daughter.  These were pretty much all the suits I made for her, and they were all self drafted but one.  The earlier ones were made with just a sewing machine, and I generally still do use my sewing machine a lot during construction.

These were the suits I made for myself, and the first ones were self-drafted, but I used a pattern for the most recent one.

I also kind of want to slap myself.  The first three swimsuits I am modeling I was so self-conscious since I felt fat.  Yeah, that was 20 lbs ago, so I wish I looked that fat right now!

For boys suits, I have not made my son’s suits historically.  I finally made him one this spring, and have purchased more fabric for additional boardshorts.  I used the Jalie boys/mens boardshort pattern.  Boardshort fabric is not the easiest to find, but I have found some at Zenith & Quasar and Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop.

Swimsuits are not difficult to sew.  They can actually be pretty quick to make!  It depends on how much you want to do.  A simple one piece suit can be whipped up pretty quick.

There are different weights of swimsuit fabric.  The lighter weight can be used as lining, though, from experience, it can be difficult to sew.  I was about ripping my hair out trying to sew this pink fabric, which is why I used it as a lining and flounce over the main fabric.

I would steer towards the heavier weight fabrics, which tend to be easier to sew.  If it truly is heavy weight, you may just need a lining for the crotch piece and maybe across the chest.  If your main color is light, I would try to line the whole thing.  I buy my lining fabric from either Sew Sassy or Zenith & Quasar.

I like to put bra cups in my suits, and I buy mine from Sew SassyI have detailed photos here for putting in bra cups.  Just smooth it over the lining, without stretching the lining, and zigzag them onto the lining fabric.  I put the cups in between the lining and main fabric when sewing it up.

Here is the new suit I made for myself for this swimsuit tour.

I had been wanting to make a suit with the 5 out of 4 Agility Tank and Riptide Shorties.  Jessica graciously offered up these patterns for the tour.

This is very much a “mom swimsuit”.  It is not tight and revealing, and it is comfy.  I don’t have to worry about my belly pooch in this one.

I have to admit, this was not a fast and easy sew.  The bindings on the tank were a bit time consuming.  You attach one side of the bindings, along with clear elastic, and then pull it over to the opposite side and stitch down.  You then trim the excess.  I did turned the hem under for the straps, so it looked cleaner.  Not sure what is better.

I used almost an entire package of clear elastic on the suit.

I added cups to the lining of the bodice, but I think I put them too low.  I think they should be higher, since the neckline overall seemed too high.  The shoulder straps do hit at my shoulder, so next time I think I will scoop out the neckline more.

Yes, I only had black cups in my stash, but they didn’t show through.

The reversible shorties were a size too big, so I had to redo the leg elastic since it was way too loose.  I gathered the elastic a bit so they hugged my legs more.  I have chicken legs, so my thighs are generally the last place I gain weight.  I did a medium and should have made a small.  I have a thick waist that doesn’t reflect my butt and hips.  I am definitely a rectangle body shape.

I added a micro mesh in between the waist pieces to give it a bit more suck-it-in. The pretty patterned fabric was a pre-order I purchased (I had the matching solid already).





This is a suit that will get a lot of wear.  I don’t feel self-conscious in it at all and don’t feel like I will fall out of it.  A great suit!

Thanks for visiting and be sure to check out the rest of the ladies on the tour!

Hosted by Sew Sophie Lynn & Paisley Roots
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There are two great prize packages, one for a link up tour winner and another as a rafflecopter winner. The link up and rafflecopter can be found on Sew Sophie Lynn and Paisley Roots.

This was sponsored by these lovely designers and fabric companies:







Me Made May – Week #3

Here we are at week #3!  I am trying not to wear the same thing twice, and that doesn’t appear to be an issue so far.  I have a lot of clothes that I have made over the years.  This was a very rainy and wet and COLD week, so not much for outside pictures.

Day #15

Day #16

Day #17

Day #18

Day #19

  • Tunic made from Naptime Creations Slouchy Sweatshirt (elongated, with wider band and cowl) – not blogged
  • Love Notions Canyon Vest

Leggings – CAbi – RTW

Day #20

  • Ponte and leather leggings

Sweater and undershirt – RTW

Day #21

I ended up just wearing the top from Day #12 over some jeans.  It was a mostly lazy day at home.

Now onto the last full week!



Roses and thorns

I like a good theme-centric project to get my wheels turning.  This one was related to the intended fabric, which was inspired by the 1996 movie, The Craft.  The plotline was centered around a group of girls that aspired to be witches, and luckily it was actually on Netflix so I could reacquaint myself with the plot-line.

They dress very goth-like, so that brings joy to my little inner black-clothes lover.  Bonus, the fabric had red and black in it, so it was right up my alley.

RP Custom Fabric – Craft Roses in cotton lycra

I pondered several different designs, and finally settled on this one.

This is my draft of a tulip hem, 4-gore maxi skirt with some embellishments.

The back gore is cut in half, and I added a bit more swoosh into that piece.

Nope, not doing a mini skirt.

I also added to the seams a pleather bias tape that I had purchased some years back.

The Craft Roses fabric is cotton lycra and the black fabric is ponte.  I wanted to integrate my rose drawing into it, so that was something I added to the side panels.

I drew a vine out and added some randomly placed roses.  I added the Silhouette cut file to the Google Drive folder on the side, along with the picture of the cut file if you don’t have a Silhouette (sorry no .jpg of the thorns, since that was somehow corrupted).

I used two of the vine pieces, along with a large rose in the middle, medium roses on the ends and two small ones in the middle.

I needed a matching top, of course, so I searched Pinterest for some goth-worthy designs.  So many options!  I also went to the fabric store and bought pretty much every knit that was black.  I love the great variety I find when I go there.  I purchased some rose fabric on a 2 way stretch sheer base.

I decided to use the rose fabric for some full half sleeves and then ponte and the Craft Roses fabric for the main part.  This was my own pattern draft of a princess seamed shirt.  I made it at least 5 years ago, and just tweak it a bit as my sizing changes.  I think this top pattern would be interesting as a dress.  I might have to work on that drafting.

I messed up the neckline.  It was supposed to go across the breastbone like this, and instead it is high enough to choke a person.  Sooooo…I flipped it to the back, added some hardware and called it a “design feature”.

I need to paint my nails black while wearing this methinks. 😉 Midnight was not as into pictures as one would assume. 😉

The pre-order for this fabric is up at RP Custom Fabrics.  Here is the order form for it.  It will be open from May 20-June 7.

















Me Made May – Week #2

Here we are at week #3, and my pictures from last week.  I have a hard time getting pictures during the weekends.  This weekend was super, super busy, too, so it just didn’t happen for the most part.

Day #8

  • Draped shirt – not blogged
  • Animal print skirt – can’t find the blogpost – I made it in 2012.

Day #9

Day #10

Red jacket – purchased

Day #11

Day #12

  • Yoke knit top (not blogged)

Jeans – purchased

Day #13

  • Wore my firebird skort with a draped front top, then
  • Made this poly lycra sheath (not blogged yet – I will get better pictures and show this soonish)

Bad picture.  Took something quick before running out to dinner. It was a busy weekend.

Day #14

Wore this skort with a RTW shirt.

That is it for week #2.  Wore at least one thing I made each day!