My crafting space

I figured I would pull this post from my other blog and put it over here in case anyone was interested.

This was my craftroom in the basement before we took the unfinished basement space and made it fabulous.  It was totally open to bugs and the like…and really messy:


Totally hard to believe I wanted something nicer, eh? ;)

When we were planning the basement, we knew we needed a guestroom down there.  We have a 4 bedroom house, but one is rather small and wouldn’t fit our queen guest bed.  That room had been the Girl’s room, but she was growing out of the small room, so we turned it into an office and moved her into the larger guest room.  It had barely held a full size bed and the closet was tiny.

I also wanted a craftroom down in the basement.  It became apparent that the guestroom and craftroom needed to take up the same space.  What to do?  A murphy bed, of course!  We don’t have guests very often, so on the rare occasion we have an overnight guest I get it all cleaned up and put right and the pins swept off the floor.  It took awhile to find one that will take a pillow-top mattress.  They are tons of varieties out there and I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a bed that will only need to take occasional use.  I found one through Versare, which is of decent quality (apparently they don’t sell them anymore, though).  There are some issues, but overall I like it.  The bed is one solid piece that comes down and not the bi fold doors that many of them have.   We had some issues with it staying closed, and had to put on some extra hardware.  It is probably because we have a pillow-top and most beds are made to fit a regular mattress.  At least it fits good enough.

I originally envisioned a big wall-length counter with storage for my crafting.  Well, that didn’t pan out, so it needed to be on the same wall as the bed.  It has enough room for my sewing machine and serger – almost 5 feet of space.  A lot of the storage is now in the closet.  As you can see in the photo above, I had a lot of fabric to store.  :D


The closet just has some kit shelves by Closetmaid.  I have plenty of storage for fabrics, and have somehow managed to fill it up!  (Another note on screwups…when I ordered the doors this was the only one that didn’t come with a jam and casing.  Do you think the salesguy told me that??  NO!  Of course, not!  The guys made the jam up themselves and stained as close as they could.  I ordered the casing unfinished, which was delivered the next day (I think they knew I was pissed) and they were able to get it stained and up before they were done with their last week of work.

The floor is cork.  It is warm and nice to walk on.  I think it looks a bit like leather.

The window you see here is that big egress window we had dug and put in the space.  It took a bit but they finally figured out how to deal with the standing water issues we had.  They ended up having to drill into the foundation to the drain tile underneath for the water to find a spot to go.  We think there are underground springs around here and there is probably one pretty close to this window.  The water was coming in pretty steadily apparently.

The dresser is a temporary fix right now.  It is an “antique” in the sense that it has been well used in hubby’s family.  We’ve had it for a while and it’s missing a few of the handles, the drawers stick, the stain is quite worn in places and the mirror has age spots on it (which is why it isn’t being used!).  Apparently it is worth a whopping $200, because I saw one in an antique store in Jamestown, CA a few years back.  Only that one apparently was never used and in good condition.  Ah well, nothing that some decorative runners and well placed accessories can’t dress up a bit. :)


I didn’t really want an expensive stone countertop and those laminate ones weren’t really floating my boat either.  I wanted it to look more like furniture, so I bought a 60″ wood dining table at a furniture clearance store.  It had a big crack down the middle of it, so I filled that with silicone and then painted it to match the other cabinets.  The guys cut one end off of it so it was desk depth, and attached it to the wall.

The artwork in the space was stolen from the Girl’s old nursery.  Being the pink obsessed little girl that she is, they didn’t match the new color scheme in her room.  They match perfectly down here, and I just love Amy Brown’s fairies.  These were prints taken from an expired calendar.  I simply cut them out and put them into matted frames I bought at Michael’s.  Very budget conscious artwork.

Some of my storage.  The snap storage jars was an old spice rack that I had.  It was a stained wood, so I primed and painted it cream.  It needs another coat, but it’s fine for now.  The hardest part was getting the spice labels off the caps.  It does it’s job very well!


You can’t see it here, but there are French doors coming into the room, and they let in extra light.

I really like how it turned out.  I had definitely met my “wants” for the space, and it gets well used! :)

The Megan summer top

Here another test top I made a few weeks ago.  It is two overlapping triangles on the front and the back, and turned out to be a pretty cute summer top.


I think I will make a few more of these…they look really cute with jean shorts!  I added a snap just under where the V starts.  It was a bit breezy this day, and it was popping open a little bit.  Better safe than sorry.


Yep, she’s a cutie.  A little teenager just waiting to happen.

The back is the same shape as the front.


To get the best fit on this top, you need to check it on your kid.  Her waist is about 3″ less than her chest, so I had to make sure the overlap was enough so there was no gaping.  The first test I had the overlap at about 8.5″, which was 2″ more than the pattern.  She redid the pattern and the suggested overlap still didn’t hit in the right place for her.  It worked on the other testers, so it is likely just her body type.  I didn’t try the last version of the pattern, so maybe that would have fit.  She had an 8″ overlap on that one for the larger sizes and I think that would have worked on her.

Unfortunately, I put in the buttons before I tried the second top on her.  I will have to either put on a new waistband or the buttons will be off center.  The colors of the top are very pretty, so hopefully she wears this out and about when I fix it.

Right now it is in a “to be ripped apart” pile.

20150423_1599 20150423_1597

On the second test of the pattern it ended up a little shorter in the top, so not sure which one I like more.  I still added a snap to it.  It only takes a few minutes to add it, and just feel it is a bit more modest to have it there.  Just in case.

It is a pretty cute top!

The Mia summer top

Another test top!  I am really my own worse enemy when it comes to overcommitting myself.  On top of finishing up the costumes for the kids I said “yes” to testing clothes.

I really did like this top, though.  It actually can also be a dress, which was how the original design was made.  I suggested a top for the older girls, as they are not generally interested in tiered, gathered skirt dresses.


It has some long ties for the back, but she was able to get it on without having to untie it.  If they get annoying and come undone, then I will cut them off and add a loop and button.


She actually let me do her hair for the photos, too!


This was a really quick sew if you use purchased bias tape.  It took probably 2 hrs or less.  It will take a little longer if you make bias tape.  She said she would like it as the maxi dress version, which I posted yesterday.  She wanted one with some bling, which is my specialty. ;)

This is the first version, and you can see it fits her very well.  There are some slight drag lines in the underarm, but I cut this across the grain.  I know…bad me.  The ombre effect when the opposite direction of the grain, and what was up with that??  This is a Riley Blake cotton.

Overall impression – very happy with this one and so is the girl. :)


A maxi birthday dress

The Girl has gotten a birthday dress every year since her 2nd birthday.  Last year, I didn’t really make her an extra dress apart from the Elsa costume dress I made her for the comic con.  She really wasn’t into wearing dresses, so I counted that her birthday make.

This year she was a little more interested and I asked her if she wanted the maxi version of the Mia top (releasing tomorrow).  I thought it was cute, so I asked, and she agreed.  Her only caveat was that it needed more sparkles.


Sparkles are important.

20150508-DSC_5361I had purchased this gold dot for a top, so I wasn’t sure I would have enough for a dress.  I didn’t have enough, of course.  At least I used most of the yard plus I had of this fabric.  I did cut it across the grain instead of with it, like I should have done.  I wanted the ombre effect of the dots.  The bodice and first three tiers are dots, and the bands and bottom tier is a white on white patterned fabric.

20150508-DSC_532520150508-DSC_5313I added ribbon to the tiered bands, and on the waist band I hand sewed on a blingy strip.  It is a plastic, though bendy piece that I found in the ribbon section at Michael’s craft store.  It has little rhinestones in each square section.  It took me about 40 minutes to get it securely sewn on.

20150507-DSC_0018This is the final version of the top/dress, and it was widened a little bit.  I needed to cinch up the elastic at the back for it to be more fitted on her due to that change.  It was easy enough to do that.

20150508-DSC_5310 She wore this on her birthday, and looked quite lovely in it, too!

I even made a necklace and earrings to go with it.

20150507-DSC_0022Happy birthday to her!