I am Stacy, a forty-something *cough, cough* (I am I really this old??) wife, CPA, and mother of two very cute, smart and multi-talented little urchins.


I used to use this blog to post some of my outfits and hairstyles that I liked (they will pop up sometimes), but now I have turned it into showing off my sewing and other crafting creations.

I started sewing at 12 with a machine (over 30 years of sewing at this point!), and paper patterns.  Shortly thereafter, I began drafting my own creations.  At this point I can draft pretty much anything I need, but I do still like to use others patterns for convenience.

I have two sewing machines (Janome and Singer 401A) and a serger (Janome). I would love coverstitch and embroidery machines, but alas I am not willing to pony up the cash for them…yet.

I do, however, use a Silhouette Cameo to cut out designs that I either make or buy.  I use heat transfer vinyl to add some bling to our shirts.


My fabric stash is way too large…I can’t fit it all in my shelves!  I buy almost all of my fabric at local fabric outlets.  I rarely buy at a chain store…well, except for notions.  Living in a large metro area has its perks!  If I buy a fabric online, I will usually link to the fabric if it is still in stock.

I also do a bit with leather.  I am lucky enough to have a sort of neighbor that overbought her leather supply and have been reaping the benefits of that association.  The Singer 401A comes in handy for those sewing tasks.  See this blog post on sewing with leather for tips and suggestions.

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Costumes are another passion of mine.  These are the posts related to costumes/cosplay.  They take a lot of time and are spendy, but I love learning new things.  Every costume has something new to figure out!


This is my sewing room.  Yes, I know I am very lucky.  After sewing in unfinished basements or dining room tables most of my life, this is such a joy.

Photography is another hobby of mine, and I purchased my first DSLR (Nikon D50) in June 2006 and Nikon D300s at some point later.  My poor little D50 needs to go into retirement, but I honestly use both cameras.  I have some photography tips here.  I am also fairly proficient in Photoshop and barely knowledgeable in Lightroom.   I watermark my pictures (when I remember) because I do not want them stolen.  Please don’t use my pictures unless you ask me first – most especially those of my offspring!

I also work full-time as a CPA.

I don’t sleep much.

I love each and every comment on our website and hope that I don’t bore too badly.  Thanks for visiting!

Oh, and if you want to send me an email: stacy at thelandofka dot com.  (I have zero interest in posting ads and/or hosting other’s content, so don’t bother in that regard)


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