Black cats and plaid

A few groups have rounds opening this week, so I was super busy again making clothes for my little fashionista.  I decided to focus on fall items, since we will be winding up summer here pretty soon.

This fabric is from the Horror/Plaid round at RP Custom fabrics and will start running on August 20.

We love cats here!

I drafted this top for this fabric, and was fairly happy with how it all fit together.  I got just a fat half of each fabric, so I had to make it work for those sizes.  I didn’t have much plaid fabric left at all and only a little bit of the cats.  I like the lines on this dress, so I took it as inspiration for the lines on this tunic top.

I should have done a different construction order.  Next time it will be easier to make it since I did it the hard way and put the skirt part on last.  I should have done the full front and back and then sewed them up at the sides.

The sides are a little bunchy.

Overall, though…pretty dang cute!

Since there were black cats, we need to have one of our black cats in on the photo shoot.  He was less than cooperative.

But then we got a few once he settled down.

This pre-order is full of plaids (I’ve got another fun one to sew up!), Halloween and few Christmas prints.  Go check it out!

A little early for Christmas, but still cute!

The winter print round is open at Zenith & Quasar fabric, and there are some really cute prints.  I am a big fan of the reindeer print. 🙂

I thought I would make a little jacket with this one, and so I made the Foliis by Sofilantjes.

I used the print in a different way with this and was able to place it for one side of the front and still get a full front and back out of the panel.

I used the print for the inside of the hood (since that will show the most), and also the bands on the arms and waist.

The yellow is a print from last year from Zenith & Quasar.  It matched really well.

The top is one I made a few years ago, and she said it didn’t fit well.  I guess I will need to whip up a white shirt to wear underneath.

The skort and leggings are the 5 out of 4 Shenanigans Skort.  The only modification is making the length between knee and mid-rise.

I don’t think this totally screams Christmas!!! so I think she is good to wear this over the winter.

Pre-order is open until August 31, so go look at these fun winter prints!

A cool cat

Here is another seasonal print that is for winter.  This print is a kids panel, with a matching coordinate from Zenith & Quasar fabrics.

The panel looks like this (print yet to come):

24″ tall x 58-60″ wide cut including:

1 front panel (24″ x 20ish”)
1 back panel, solid color (24″ x 20ish”)
1 coordinate print (24″ x 20ish”)

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get full length arms out of the width of the coordinate, so I had to be creative.

It is also directional, so no trying one way for one side and one for the other.  I had some matching bamboo lycra that I used to fill in the sleeve heads where it was too wide for the fabric.  I created a faux double sleeve.

I added a split band to the bottom, too.

I also needed to make some matching bottoms.  We live in matchy matchy town here where pretty much everything is an outfit.  I didn’t have enough left of the bamboo lycra to get all the bottoms out of it, so we went into “cobble together” mode.

I wanted them to be a fun tween-y look as she is going into middle school this year.  I worry a little that some of the more unique outfits I have made for her will give her unwanted attention.

I used the 5 out of 4 Shenanigans skort and leggings in a size  14w and 18L.  She’s all legs here.

Next, I cut the crap out of the patterns to get the look I wanted.  I cut apart the skirt to have the leftover fabric from the top along the sides.

For the skort, here is a little mod that I made for it.  I wanted to have some gathering and ties on the side seam, so I extended it out from the middle to give it more length there, and then cut the sides apart to get in the different fabrics.

More outfits to come…I got a bunch of strike-offs to sew up.  This tends to make sure I get clothes sewed up in short order!

An odd request

Well, the request was odd, but the item to make was pretty easy.

One of the dad’s on my son’s baseball team collects dinosaur bones.  He had a 4′ dinosaur bone that he unearthed on a dig that he needed to have a pouch to cushion it as it stood end on end.

This pouch is 12″ x 4″ and is lined with a zipper on the bottom.  It is a nice soft deerskin.

Nice soft deerskin is a PITA to sew.  In order to not pull out my hair, I interfaced all the seams so it wouldn’t stretch out while sewing.

I lined it since he was going to fill it with silica beads.  This will just protect the leather and give it some extra durability.

Now he just needs to pick it up, and give me a picture of it in use!

Sheer inset dolman top

Hey look, something that is not a pattern test or strike off sewing!  I have been wanting to make another sheer inset top in black.  I have made a white one and one with huge sleeves.

The process in drafting this was pretty easy.  I used a dolman top pattern that I made from a RTW top that I wear a ton.  You need a top that is not low cut in order for the sheer to hit at a decent spot across your chest.

It took my pattern and cut it in the same spot on the front and back.  Make sure there is enough space between the neckline and the sheer.  There needs to be at least an 1.5″, but more is better.  Attaching the sheer and hemming the neckline takes close to an inch.

Excuse my crappy mouse drawing

Then I took a sleeve and measured out where it would have hit on the underarm…took that off to where it met up with the dolman.  It is a little shorter than full length, so it would need adjusting for next time.

Super overcast morning after a rainy day.  Not Photoshop to make it look dark and moody!

I generally push my sleeves up all the time, though, so it is just fine on me.

The sheer is a knit embossed sheer that I found locally.  Look for a knit sheer, since it needs to stretch.  It also had a tendency to snag and run, so it takes a bit of careful handling.

I think this will end up in heavy rotation in my closet.  I am all about neutrals!  The skirt is a maxi skirt of my own draft that I made for my spring capsule last year.

I made this top for date night with the hubs, and finished it in 1.5 hours.  I thought it would take less time, but the sheer is futsy to deal with.

The kids are low key in their fall sports now, so I have time now to tackle projects that have been piling up.   I also have several strikes that are on their way, but hopefully I won’t get them all at once…again.


Free summer tank top

This was a pattern test for a summer tank top for Orange Daisy Patterns.  I liked the coverage, and the fact that she can actually wear this to school.  It seems like a lot of summer tops are not geared towards school aged kids and schools clothing standards.  Strappy tops and open backs are usually a no-no.

This one has nice shoulder coverage and isn’t skin tight on her.  She really liked the fit of it.

This first one is before the armscye was raised on this size 14 long.  The second one is higher, so it hides her bra. 🙂

This is a lightweight knit in a tiger camo.  Tigers need to hide in the woods apparently.

This second one is from a lightweight jersey.  Very comfy and soft fabric.  The v-neckline went together nicely.

She is short on summer outfits, so I added a skort to this top.  The feather fabric is a pre-order at Fabric Anthropology and this is double brushed poly.  I added fold over elastic to the edge to lengthen it a bit.  I got less than a fat half of this fabric, so I was stretching it as it was!

It is a little heavy for summer as this is a nice heavy brushed fabric, but I figured it wouldn’t be too hot since the flounces weren’t right next to her skin.

Join the Orange Daisy Patterns Facebook group to get the free tank top pattern!




Color wheel

Yes, indeed.  I do have more fabric from the Fun Rounds!

Arcoiris at RP Custom Fabrics

This is the color wheel print, and I decided to make a skort and top with a flounce for the girl.  This were really easy to cut with the circular lines in the prints.  I used two  25″ rounds for the skirt and one 12″ round for the top.

I cut the flounce 3 levels, and then connected them all together.  I didn’t use the inner most circle.  I’ll save those for a rainy day.  I think they will work well for some flounce sleeves.

The patterns were self-drafted.  The skirt is just a simple A-line skirt with a doubled up waistband.  I attached the flounce all at once in one continuous line.  The top is a basic tank top, though I had to add some to the top under the flounce.  The panels were too short for her.  There is a watercolor music sheet underneath the flounce.

The watercolor music fabric is from Affordable Fabrics and More, and I purchased it last year.  I don’t think any is currently in stock.  I used a panel for the front and one for the back and then the sheet music for the upper part of the top and the waistband.

I was pretty “fly by the seat of my pants” in putting the flounce on the skort.

Which is why it is uneven.

I’m okay with that, though.

It is a skort, so it has shorts underneath.  She is pretty active, so any skirt I make her is going to have some shorts underneath.

I’m pretty sure the Arcoiris fabric will go with anything, but if you have a watercolor type print…it definitely will.  I love this combo so much!

The pre-order is open until August 15th.

Softball swag

The softball season closed out for the girls with a Nationals tournament.  These tournaments are more like a regional tournament, where some do come from states away.  Fortunately for us, it was just a half hour away.

During their first game of pool play, the teams exchange gifts.  I made a few things for the gift bags, and also to give to the girls on our team. I also wanted to make the team some water bottles, since I had purchased a bunch at once.

I purchased the water bottles at Save A Cup for $4.48/each.  I was looking for a durable PBA free bottle that wouldn’t have pieces that would mold (like a plastic spout or straw).  These work pretty well.  The vinyl I purchased from Expressions Vinyl.  I copied a couple of images I found on the internet, and put them together for the bottle art (I won’t be sharing the cut file, since I didn’t make the art).  The names were from one of the fonts in the Silhouette design software (Cricut mats are cheaper, so I use those instead of the Silhouette mats).

When using this vinyl you need transfer paper.  Just an FYI if you have never cut regular vinyl before.  You weed it, and then put the transfer paper over the top.  You then rub it onto the surface.  I have a bunch of those little brown Pampered Chef nylon scrapers.  They work great for this job.

Next, the girls all trade these nice metal pins with their team on them.  The goal is to get unique ones, and ones from far away.  They need something to put them on, so we decided on lanyards this year.  I purchased 25 yards of each of these softball ribbon prints off of Amazon and a bag of clips and went to work!  I cut each one at about a yard, and heat sealed the ends before sewing them together.

Lastly, I made scrunchies for the girls hair.  This is the softball fabric I purchased from RP Custom Fabrics.

I cut them at 14″ x 3″.  I basically tried to make long tubes first and then cut them to length.  The elastic was 6″ long.  Here is how I made them:

  • Cut tubes of elastic and serge the long edge.
  • Flip right side out.
  • Insert elastic in one end and sew it to the raw edge on one side.
  • Pull it the rest of the way through, and sew it to the raw edge of the other side of the elastic to create a circle.  Make sure the elastic isn’t twisted before sewing together.
  • Fold the edge of the fabric under, put over the raw edges and topstitch.

I figured making it this way would make sure the elastic didn’t come undone.  It was a lot of steps for such a little thing, but I think they turned out well.

The tournament was fun and the girls made it into bracket play for the Silver bracket.  They lasted until mid-day Saturday (started on Thursday), and had a great time!

And she’s out!


Some winter sewing with Poe

This was a sample sewed up for Fabric Anthropology, and the theme of this round is Horror and Halloween related.  Edgar Allen Poe is not really Halloween-ish, but he was a bit of a darker writer.  It fits the theme.  One of my favorite works of his was The Telltale Heart.  He was probably one of the first well-known horror writers.

One of his more popular narrative poems was The Raven, published in 1845:

The Raven

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore—
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
“‘Tis some visiter,” I muttered, “tapping at my chamber door—
            Only this and nothing more.”


This print is a rendering of Edgar Allen Poe, along with ravens on a blue and grey background. The fabric base is double brushed poly with a good weight to it, so it will be warm in the fall and winter.  The sleeves are made from a fleece backed poly for warmth.

I wanted to put some feathers into my top, so I drew up some feathers and put them together into a design (cut file in the folder linked on the sidebar – added one that looks like wings).

I adhered them to the fabric with my new heat press.  Wow, does that go on so much faster than an iron!  The bad part is that it takes forever to heat up.  I will make sure I do batches of HTV, so I don’t have to reheat it too often (it is also a bit smelly).

I added some strips of blue, grey and the print to the bottom of the sleeves.  I thought it would add a bit of interest and tie the print and it’s colors into the sleeve.

The pattern here is the Sneha by Wardrobe by Me (shocker, I know).  I added a little length to the top part, and instead of cutting as one piece, I added a strip of black ponte in between to break it up a bit.  The cowl is black ponte and a grey sweater knit.  I made it to fit into the neckline with no stretching, and it ended up about 32″ wide by around 12″ long.

The pre-order with this print includes several prints related to horror and Halloween geared movies.  Go check it out if that is your thing!


Rogue Tranquility Shorts & Tank/Dress

Sara at RP Custom Fabrics has decided to venture into pattern making, and I tested her first two patterns.  She is giving these away for free, but you need to join her group to get the code for them.

Tranquility Shorts

Tranquility Tank/Dress

The first pattern is a pair of shorts with the curved open side on them.  These were pretty easy to whip up, and I would suggest a nice thick cotton lycra or brushed poly for them.

This pair had the foldover yoga band on them.  I really should have used a fabric with better recovery for the band, so I might be taking this one off and putting another on. This pair was the first draft, so I ended up making it larger than my second pair.

The tank top is the Wardrobe by Me Builder t-shirt, since this panel was too small for the Tranquility Tank.  The image went up too high on it, and would have gone into the neckline.  Anyone know what show it is from? 🙂  The fabric came from Sugar Ink, but I believe it is sold out now.

This pair I put elastic in the waistband with a drawstring to make it all fancy.  I made a size 8, since my hips are narrow compared to my waist.   My waist is a larger size, but I figured I would go with hip width.  This is the mid-rise, which I figured would be more comfy in the lounging department.

This tank top is a size 14 graded to a size 10 at the hip.  I didn’t do any shorten or lengthen on them, as she drafts for my height of 5′ 7″.

This tank also comes in a dress length, which is another comfy option.

This fabric came from Zenith & Quasar, and is a brushed poly.  I bought so much of the space round.  I wasn’t sure what to do with the Hubble Telescope print, but I think this was perfect.  There is a little bit of the space round available, but not the Hubble print.  The shirt panel is available, though.

In order to get the free pattern, you need to join the Rogue Patterns group.  It is usually good to try out free patterns to see if you like them first.  Sara is a bit quirky, and it shows in her fun write-ups for her patterns.  Gives you a sense if you would want to buy the next patterns she has coming up.